Our services include but not limited to: 

  1. Filming/Shooting TV Video.
  2. Photographic Shooting
  3. Films/Shooting Movies/Films.
  4. Documentary Films Shooting
  5. Video Clip Shooting
  6. Filming All concerts at occasion/events
  7. Outdoor sports/playgrounds Shooting
  8. Commercial advertisement Shooting
  9. Filming commercials logos (Animated)
  10. Wedding Shooting& Live transmission
  11. Television live transmission shooting.
  12. Cinema Movies Shooting
  13. TV Serial Shooting
  14. Stage Plays/comedy Drama Shooting
  15. Conferences Shooting
  16. Festivals Shooting
  17. National day celebrations Shooting
  18. Programs Shooting
  19. Programs making
  20. Scenario making
  21. Co-ordination & support with singers.
  22. D.J. available
  23. Festivals/celebration full coverage.
  24. Preparation of acrobat team shows
  25. Preparation of Fire Works and full coverage.
  26. Preparation of traveler Obta mobile van with 16 camera.
  27. 3-D Animation / Graphic
  28. 2 –D Animation / Graphic
  29. Cartoons Drawing
  30. High resolution imaging – Photography
  31. The production of documentary films, advertising and television production.
  32. Visual programs and radio programs and seminars Dialogic
  33. Direct transfer of TV channels by choice and demand and on the Internet.
  34. Design and implementation of 3D work for celebrations and decorations theaters and weddings.
  35. Organize concerts and dinners and conferences.
  36. Exhibitions filming and interviews shooting
  37. DJ Gulf and east of orchestras and concerts ownership occasions and wedding Functions.
  38. Songs / Voice Recording Studio and image
  39. Placebo studio
  40. Lighting equipments, imaging devices
  41. Lighting Work for buildings& Commercial Outlets.
  42. Lighting work & equipments for concerts and events
  43. Organize everything as per requirement within Doha Qatar.
  44. Organize everything as per requirement in Gulf.
  45. Organize everything as per requirement in any Arab Country.
  46. Organize everything as per requirement in any Foreign Country.
  47. We Assist as Assistant Cameraman & Assistant Director.
  48. Renting musical instruments
  49. Sound clips of Engineering
  50. sound engineering
  51. Composing and editing.
  52. music distribution
  53. External composing
  54. Mike Studio
  55. Mike normal
  56. Recording studio on Rent per hour for recording voice (Poetry -recording stories & Serials ) Rent should paid every Hour.
  57. Audio Equipments.
  58. Recording studio rent should pay in advance.
  59. Chroma Studio Rents should pay on each hours.
  60. Advance payment for each hour as reservation rents should pay for Recording Studio.
  61. Advance payment for each hour as rents should pay for (chroma) Studio.
  62. Sony Cinematic Camera FS-7 available for rent.
  63. Sony DVD production camera PMW 320 available for rent.
  64. Sony DVD production camera HDV 270 available for rent.
  65. Sony Camera XDV 160 available for rent.
  66. Canon Camera Body-5 D3, 4k available for rent.
  67. Canon Camera Body-7 D- available for rent.
  68. Live transmission activities
  69. Inter-Net transmission activities
  70. Sony MCS 8m Audio Video Mixing Switcher
  71. Disco-240 16ch/24 light mixing switcher
  72. Cartoons Films Direction.
  73. Commercial Advertisement films Direction.
  74. Documentary Films Direction.
  75. Video clips Direction.
  76. Medical Seminars Direction.
  77. Site work for companies Net, emails and files, in the media.
  78. Installation of 12 meters video Cranes for Shooting.
  79. Installation of 8 meters video Cranes for Shooting.
  80. Installation of 4 meters video Cranes for Shooting.
  81. Installation of Baby video Cranes for Shooting.
  82. Installation of 3 bar Chario and trolley straight without chair .
  83. Installation of 3 curve Chario and trolley curve without chair .
  84. Installation of 3 bar Chario and trolley straight with chair .
  85. Installation of 3 curve Chario and trolley curve with chair .
  86. Installation of 3 bar Chario and trolley straight with chair & Wheels.
  87. Installation of 3 curve Chario and trolley curve with chair & wheels.
  88. International camera filming
  89. Media Staff Uniform Designing and supplies.
  90. Image / Accessories designed to Media Staff
  91. Make-up specialist for imaging photos/shoot.
  92. Stylish Artist available for filming / shooting.
  93. Canon Camera Different Types of Lens available.
  94. Conference Translation Room
  95. Camera Stands
  96. Lighting Lamps for Shooting available.
  97. Photographers available.
  98. 3 D Mapping.
  99. Writing and coordinating the scenario and write all the programs and entertainment programs and competitions
  100. Selling Documentaries and T.V. Serials to all GCC countries.
  101. Short Story Filming and Directing.
  102. Actors and Actresses are available upon request
  103. There are combars of both sexes on demand and price
  104. There are fashion models of both sexes on demand and price
  105. There are voice announcers of both sexes and on demand and price
  106. There is a musical composer
  107. Making animations for logo animation
  108. PowerPoint presentation
  109. Making websites
  110. Make an account in social networking sites
  111. There are touch screens (vertical and Horizontal-tables)
  112. Entertainment activities on demand
  113. 360 Degree
  114. Hologram
  115. Hologram 360
  116. Company Brochure Designing
  117. Photo Editing
  118. Video Editing
  119. Social Media Advertising


  1. Shooting business agreement between both parties singed and the party should pay 50% down payment at the time of signing and balance 50% at the time of completion of job work.
  2. We would like to inform, we have a technology & production branch in the Sultanate of Oman – Muscat.