General Manager’s Message: 

Documentary Films

The company produces films domestically and internationally in addition to the preparation and processing of documentaries, and we have a long history in this regard, where we have prepared many films for a number of institutions in the State, including but not limited to: Ministry of Culture and Sports, the General Authority for Tourism, Qatar Association, Katara, Shafallah Center and Kahramaa, and this year we have worked on and produced a feature-length film.

Various activities

The company’s activities include organizing artistic parties at the highest level of first-class artists. Moreover, on the occasion of the National Day celebration and events, we have prepared an agenda and a professional team to make this event a world-class worthy event. Al-Majid explained that all of works whether photographic or televised materials shall be in the most accurate, detailed and professional techniques. The company is currently is looking up to further cooperation with film and television production companies inside and outside the State of Qatar.

We provide comprehensive care for the works of the youth

We take into account all the privileges, especially the new and rising generation of young Qatari and Qatari artists and of different nationalities in the country to provide care for their artistic work, especially as we seek to be a bright cultural interface for Qatar in the field of media and art production in a professional way. We will be proactive in any charity work that helps raise the state.